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Letters Of Recommendations

From some of our Customers

“I would recommend Jason to anyone who is looking for reliable and kind person to care for their pets.  I absolutely trust him with my four dogs whether it’s during his weekly visits or when I am enjoying my vacation.  I have a peace of mind knowing that they are in good hands.

My dogs are not easy to befriend and Jason had managed that on his first visit. Now they look forward to seeing him couple times a week and enjoy a walks and play with him.  It’s a joy to see big grins on my dog faces and waging tails  when Jason walks into the door.

One of my dogs is blind and has diabetes which requires a special care and insulin shots.  I personally have very difficult time administering the injections by myself or even with a help of second person.  Jason was very innovative and patient  to find a ways to give the insulin injections by himself and without causing trauma or harm to my dog.

Jason is a very nice person to know and very good at what he does. You will not be disappointed with his service!”

Lenka M.



“I’ve known Jason for a while.  He has been taking care of my two dogs and one cat.  He is responsible and on time.  I can rely on him to be there during the day when I work long hours as well as when I travel on a business trips.

I have been very pleased with his meticulous care and reasonable rates.  I would recommend him to anyone looking for a great guy with a big caring heart and lot of experience with animals.”

Jamie L.

“Jason Brown, owner of Precious Pet Petsitting, is a hardworking, dependable young man who has been in my employ for the past 5 months in relation to the care of my two dogs.

He can be depended upon to always be here on the days when he is scheduled to take my dogs for a walk. He has not missed a day when he is supposed to be here to clean my yard.

Holly, my younger dog, was afraid of Jason at the beginning of our working relationship but Jason was very patient with Holly and by the third visit, she was willing to have Jason take her for a walk.  Jason bonded easily with my dogs and is very knowledgeable in ways to make my dogs behave when walking for their morning exercise.  Certainly, my dogs and I appreciated Jason for the time and effort he has spent walking and working with them.

I would not hesitate to recommend Jason Brown in pet sitting, caring, or walking anyone’s pet.  If I were looking for someone to help me with my dogs, which are like my children, I would trust Jason to care for them.


Ester M.

I enlisted Jason Brown of Precious Pets Petsitting to pet sit my three cats and water my vegetable garden and flowers in pots.  I was away for three weeks, and upon my return the cats were in fine condition.  Also, the garden was thriving as well as the flowers.

With the cats at home in an environment they were familiar with and not cooped up in a kennel provided much peace of mind for me while on vacation.  I greatly appreciated his care and concern for my pets. I highly recommend his services, and I will definitely use his services again when I am out of town.

Cathy K.

I became acquainted with Jason Brown through a circular he left at my home.Shortly after I adopted a one year old rescue dog.  My new pet was severely traumatized and I had to leave her shortly after her adoption.  I was very concerned that I find someone who understood how fearful she was.  Jason came over before the weekend I was considering him to watch her–we spent a very long time discussing my new new pet’s situation.  Jason showed himself to be very compassionate and understanding re: my concerns.  He came with credentials I have not seen before for a pet caregiver and I was very thankful to have someone who had his training and experience.
My new pet managed another new situation very well as a result of Jason’s care.  In addition to his excellent care, he also maintains his business professionally and with high standards.
I have used him several times since our initial pet care and I continue to be pleased with his care and will continue to use him as my primary pet caregiver.
My dog seems to feel very safe with Jason.
I am very happy with Precious Pets

Kate W.

Jason Brown has been a wonderful and reliable pet sitter and dog walker for our two dogs and cat in the past few months.  Jason is always there when he says he will be and we come home to two much happier dogs in the evenings when we work late.

Jason has truly been a blessing for my husband and I when get scheduled to work the same twelve hour shifts.  He has helped us out when we have been rescheduled last minute and allows us to cancel if we get called off.  He has also come over to take care of our cat when we have been out of town . 

I can confidently recommend Jason as a caring and reliable pet sitter.

Yours faithfully,

Hannah K.

If you are considering hiring a pet sitter I would give Jason Brown my highest recommendation.

Jason is prompt and courteous with both owners and pets.  He has an excellent work history in the “animal field” and his own ownership of several pets speaks to his love of animals.

It is such a relief to know Jason was caring for our pets, in our own home.  He understands that they are our babies, our kids, and treats them as such.  My vacation was much more enjoyable knowing that my pets were receiving Jason’s loving kindness.

Jason has established a business that will thrive once the word spreads.  He runs his business with professionalism, integrity and high quality standards.  Without a doubt he has become a business that I will frequent with regularity.

(The dogs say his wife makes delicious doggie cookies too!)

Donna K.

Jason has been caring for my dog for the past 18 months.  He walks my dog on a daily basis while I’m at work.  He has been very reliable and has never missed a day.  He quickly bonded with my dog and has provided excellent care.  He is very caring and conscientious.

I would recommend him to anyone looking for a dependable, caring and knowledgeable person to care for their pet.  His rates are very reasonable, and he provides exceptional service.


Carol L.

This letter is to give my recommendation of the services of Precious Pet Petsitting and Jason Brown.  I have used Jason twice now to watch my 3 dogs and my cat.  He pays close attention to details, was very flexible and dependable and I returned to my house in the same condition that I left it.

I recently experienced an emergency situation with the health of one of my children and Jason was very flexible and was able to come over immediately and accommodated my needs since I was unsure when I was going to be home.  I would recommend his services to everyone who is in need of a competent person to take care of their animals while away.  I am a veterinary technician and would not trust just anyone with the care and well being of my animals.  I will be using his services in the future and keep his number close by.

Karina T.

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